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Name: Big Brother 2: Richard Nixon

Logo for BB2

Location: Sophie's House

Planners: Lola and Sophie 

Winner: Becky

Runner-Up: Claire

Previous: Big Brother 1: Ice Cream Social 

Next: Big Brother 3: Labor Day

Big Brother 2: Richard Nixon was the second event in the series "Squad's BB Parties". Although officially the second game, BB2 is commonly noted as the first real BB party, for it was the first to result in a winner. 

Teams []

This was the second BB Party to feature teams. Once again, Jake and Chris were the two captains, and the teams were as follows:

Dream Team

  • Jake (Captain)
  • Becky
  • Lola
  • Sophie
  • Dixie


  • Chris (Captain)
  • Ava
  • Claire
  • Caitriona
  • Lucy


Once again, at the wrath of Chris, Jake was evicted first and threw another shit fit. With a new twist, though, Jake was allowed to play in the next HOH competition and subsequently won. Although, in the words of Janelle Pierzina, Jake expected Chris to "Pack your bags, Jenny!", but of course, Chris won the veto and saved himself from eviction. Typical.

A series of uninteresting events went down the ended with a final 3 of Claire, Sophie, and Becky. After Sophie offered herself up for eviction so as not to make the game seem rigged, Becky won over Claire and became the first official winner in BB History.