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Name: Big Brother 3: Labor Day

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Location: Dixie's House

Planners: Jake and Dixie

Winner: Lola

Runner-Up: Chris

Previous: Big Brother 4: Richard Nixon

Big Brother 3: Labor Day was the first BB Party to not feature teams. Instead, it was every man for themselves. Out of the 3 previous BB parties, this was the most successful, and ended in a smooth and uncomplicated matter. 


Houseguest Age
Jake Mauriello 15
Dixie Duggan 14
Sophie Hamilton 15
Chris Giacopelli 15
Lola Owen 15
Caitriona Keane  15
Ava Szobonya 14
Homeria Lubin 15
Becky Kreel 15
Claire Silverberg 15


Upon entrance into the house, an alliance, the Bomb Squad, was formed between Lola, Jake, Sophie, Dixie, and Chris. The game began with the first Head of Household competition, Huckle Buckle. Sophie choose to not participate in this competition, and instead become the host. After an intense battle, the pair of Chris and Claire won, and Claire was choosen as the first HOH. Claire put up Sophie and Homeria, and after Caitriona won the veto in Scrabble x10, the Bomb Squad convinced her not to use the veto, and Homeria was evicted by a vote of 5-1.

Immediately after, Lola won the second HOH of the summer. After discussion, Lola put Dixie and Becky on the block. After Chris won the veto in Taps, he decided to use it on Dixie, and to avoid suspicion, Lola put Jake up as the replacement nominee. Becky became the second houseguest to be evicted by a vote of 3-2.

Next, Claire won her second HOH of the game. In a major game move, Claire put Dixie and Chris on the block. This didn't last for long, though, because Lola quickly won the veto, and used it on Chris. Caitriona was named as the replacement nominee, and was then evicted by a vote of 4-0. 

Chris won his first HOH of the summer next, and put Jake and Claire on the block together. After winning the veto, Dixie choose not to use it, and Claire was evicted by a vote of 3-0. 

With the Bomb Squad making it to the final 5 and completing their goal, Lola won HOH and put up Jake and Sophie. With no power of veto in play, Sophie became the next member of the jury by a vote of 2-0.

Now at final 4, Jake won his first HOH and competition of the summer, and put Chris and Dixie on the block. With no veto, Lola became safe for the week and the sole vote to evict. Lola evicted Dixie, and she became the second to last member of jury. 

After a 3 part competition, Chris became the final HOH of the game and voted to evict Jake, leaving Chris and Lola as the final 2.

Each houseguest got to give a speech to the jury, and Lola was voted the winner by a vote of 4-3.

Voting History[]

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