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Name: Sophie Hamilton

Age: 15

Featured In: BB1, BB2, BB3

Hosted: BB1, BB2, BB4

Placed: N/A, 3rd, 4th

Sophie Hamilton is a houseguest who participated in 3/4 seasons of BB. Sophie is known as the "the anchor" of the BB community because even though she doesn't get too into it and embarass herself, she still tries and makes it far in the game. 

Summary of Games Played[]


Sophie was the unofficial host of BB1, and was drafted onto team Thot House. Since BB1 was very short lived and only had one eviction, there were no notable moments in Sophie's game. 


Sophie was one of two hosts for BB2, and was drafted onto Dream Team. Sophie played a flawless game, and made it to the final 3, where she tragically volunteered to be evicted, feeling that it would be unfair for her to win since she hosted the game.


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